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CIS#2: Qualitative + mobile research methods ... Samantha Biglieri (Toronto Metropolitan University) - 17.11.2022

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SSHRC PARTNERSHIP ON QUALITY: Common Integrative Seminar #2 - Qualitative + mobile research methods to understand perceptions of quality (By Prof. Biglieri/ University of Toronto)

In this CIS, we discussed qualitative + mobile research methods to understand perceptions of quality and affective/subjective experiences. We discussed the use of a few different methods, like for instance: go-along interviews, photovoice as well as experience sampling methods (in situ, mobile smartphone apps for capturing images, videos, audio clips, surveys, etc.). We covered their histories, theoretical basis, research applications, data analysis, as well as practical 'How to' tips. The session was

interactive as well with many great discussions!

Dr. Samantha Biglieri is an Assistant Professor in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at TMU. As an urban planner, her research uses critical approaches at the intersection of planning and health/wellbeing, making connections with practice to build inclusive and accessible communities. She researches the intersections of built form, health/wellbeing, socio-spatial relationalities, care, accessibility and disability, older adults, and people living with dementia. She is a social science methodologist at heart, and frequently use mobile and other innovative methods to understand people's experiences in community.