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CIS #4: Meaningful Accessibility in the Built Environment by Brad McCannell and Stanis Smith (Rick Hansen Foundation) - 16.01.2023

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Meaningful Accessibility in the Built Environment
This seminar took place on January 17 2023 at 12h15 (ET).
Today, 1 in 5 Canadian adults identify as having a disability, each affected by the lack of accessibility in our buildings and communities.
But when we remove these barriers to access, we are unleashing the social and economic power of the 6.2 million Canadians living with a disability. This means that each person, plus their friends, family and loved ones, will be better able to access the buildings and spaces in our communities, putting your design at the forefront of sustainability. Are you designing with accessibility in mind?
This seminar left attendees with a better understanding of how universal design and meaningful accessibility benefit everyone who enters and navigates your buildings and how you can ensure your buildings are accessible for all. It also provided an overview of the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) program, including how it addresses accessibility for existing and new construction.
About the presenters:
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Brad McCannell is the Vice President, Access and Inclusion, at the Rick Hansen Foundation, where he is responsible for the creation and integrity of the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) program and its supporting training. He also monitors and addresses key national issues that are impactful to accessibility in the built environment.
Brad was appointed to the inaugural Board of Directors of Accessibility Standards Canada, in 2019, a newly created federal agency tasked with the development of national standards that encourage the full participation of people with disabilities through all aspects of daily living in Canada. He commenced his second board term in 2021. Brad also provides recommendations for new accessibility standards to international organizations such as ACI (Airports Council International) and to the Project Advisory Panel, CSA Housing Standards.
Stanis Smith has over 35 years of experience as an architect and corporate executive. He is a well-known thought leader on issues relating to building design, the built environment, and corporate governance. He has lent his vision and expertise to building projects around the world in the educational, entertainment and transportation sectors, and as an architect is committed to designing accessible spaces that can be enjoyed, appreciated, and utilized by everyone. He is a passionate advocate for sustainability and accessibility, and has spoken on those and other topics at many international conferences.
Stanis’s career highlights include being the CEO of Architectura, one of Canada’s leading architectural firms, and being an Executive Vice President at Stantec, a 22,000-person global architectural and engineering design firm. He launched his own consultancy in 2020 and is providing advisory and design services to local and international clients.
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