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New Onboarding Document for Students Now Available!

Access the Onboarding Document for our Research Partnership

We are pleased to inform you that the onboarding document for our Research Partnership is now available. This essential resource serves as your gateway to understanding the intricate landscape of our five-year research endeavor.
Access the Document: Delve into this comprehensive introduction to familiarize yourself with the project's core objectives, thematic clusters, and the pivotal role students play. The document is accessible below, providing crucial insights into the framework that guides our collective pursuit.
Your Role in Shaping the Research: As students, your involvement is central to the success of this partnership. Nearly 70% of the budget is allocated to support your training activities, assistantships, and participation in national meetings. Discover in this document how your contributions can make a lasting impact on the future of quality in the built environment.
Engage in Student Activities: Beyond your research site, explore the diverse student activities available. Your engagement can extend across the different sites, offering a unique opportunity to complement both your professional commitment and academic training. Seize the chance to actively contribute to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of our built environment.
We extend our warm welcome and look forward to your active participation in this research journey!
Download the document below: