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High Impact Communication Skills Workshop for Students by Adam Lazarus (23.02.2024)

On February 23rd, the Graduate Student Committee organized a High Impact Communication Skills workshop presented by Adam Lazarus, CEO of Corporate Speech Consultants. The workshop focused on teaching verbal, vocal, and nonverbal communication skills.
Participants learned about the importance of considering the purpose of their presentations (to inform, persuade, or entertain), defining key messages (what they want the audience to see, think, feel, and believe), understanding the audience profile (prior knowledge, interests, prejudices, needs, language, etc.).
The workshop also covered several key topics, including structuring the presentation with a focus on the opening and closing. Participants learned about the importance of capturing attention at the beginning and leaving a strong final impression.
Additionally, the workshop provided tips for PowerPoint presentations and Zoom meetings, offering practical advice for enhancing presentation effectiveness in virtual environments.
To watch the recording of the workshop, please email dimitri.weibel[at]umontreal.ca
About the workshop presenter:
Adam Lazarus is an internationally acclaimed instructor and corporate speech consultant who is widely known for his ability to motivate and support his clients, hone their communication skills, and promote the confidence they need to bring their messages to life. Adam is driven by a creative spark.
He works with the world’s leading visionary thinkers and artists in board rooms, on film sets, and on stages across the globe to help them reach the next level in their leadership roles. As an award-winning theatre practitioner, he brings the art of stagecraft into the boardroom. This helps his clients tap into their authentic voice and captivate audiences with newfound confidence.
In addition to his consulting work, Adam teaches at the University of Toronto and at the National Theatre School of Canada. He holds an honours degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and University of Leeds in England and a certificate of Education from L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France.