Living atlas of quality
in architecture and the built environment

The Dalhousie Team on Measuring Lived Experiences of Learning Spaces

Spatial justiceSpatial justice
We are exploring the relationship between ‘quality’ in design and ‘quality’ of use-value and experience within learning spaces. Have design intentions in schools been fulfilled or subverted in practice? Does high quality of design result in high quality of experience? We are interested in whether the built environment of schools is experienced as inclusive and welcoming, as intended by the designers, or whether spatial experiences reflect the social stratification and other divisions that education in capitalist societies has been observed to generate (Willis 1977, Dolby et al. 2004).
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Marine Drive Academy_image-min-1694006179890.jpg
Figure 1; Rhythmanalysis: Documenting patterns of movement and activity in Marine Drive Academy.
Section 1 - Active_updated colours-01-min-1694006363789.jpg
Section 2 - Maker_updated colours-01-min-1694006378615.jpg
Section 3 - Learning_updated colours-01-min-1694006391774.jpg
Figure 2: Building sections showing Maker Spaces, Workshop, Classrooms, and learningcommunity and library.